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Four Truth Wellness promotes the best of health, happiness and productivity at home and in the workplace. We help
individuals and organizations foster comprehensive wellness initiatives, through hypnosis, programs and lunch & learn seminars.

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Corporate Wellness

Combining fitness and nutrition with hypnosis is a unique and highly-effective corporate wellness initiative that will nurture happy and healthy employees within your organization.

Group Hypnosis

Enjoy hypnosis with friends or corporate & social events! Choose a weight management foundation class or stress management or smoking cessation program, learn self-hypnosis and more!

Private Hypnosis

Find out how Hypnosis helps you help yourself with Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress, Anxiety, Fears/Phobias and More! Private sessions are held in person at the Perfect Balance Wellness Centre or online via Skype.

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Rebecca was very kind and professional. I felt comfortable instantly. I have purchased sessions to help me quit smoking. It is helping from the first session so I look forward to more!

Anne M

Rebecca is wonderful. So caring and calming. I highly recommend her for any variety of concerns.

Kimberley T

Very relaxed and professional atmosphere. Easy parking out back and Rebecca was able to make me feel at home with the process.

Lance B

Rebecca is someone you instantly feel at ease with and trust. Instead of just jumping straight into hypnosis we went through my upbringing and major life events until now. She taught me so much about how the 1st 7 years of your life become the blueprint for the rest of your life and the key to changing behaviours now is the finding a way to rewire that 7 year old child within you. She was exceptionally more useful than a therapist I had been seeing even.

Stephanie D

Hi Rebecca, all is well and my problem is solved! The hypnosis solution worked beautifully – haven’t given a thought to returning to that nasty smoking habit. It was an easy solution and has given me great confidence! Thank you for sharing your gifts – you have made such a big difference in my life. I am humbled and grateful. Loving Life. In Gratitude.

Karen S.

I sought the help of Rebecca, as I was having trouble with losing weight. Her approach was very kind, caring, understanding, and professional. The techniques that she taught to relax and reflect were incredibly helpful and I continue to use them today. These tools have assisted me to be a much calmer and happier person, and have given me the ability to better handle stressful situations.

Anna H.

I just want to thank you for your words of encouragement. Last Saturday, I drove to Toronto to my son’s place!! I was fine! My hands got a little sweaty but not really any anxiety. I was just picturing myself at my sons at the end of the trip and having lunch with him and deep breathing when I think I would get anxious. It really helped! Thanks again!




I started the process of undergoing hypnosis to combat my fear of flying. Rebecca truly listened to me and tailored our sessions to my needs, my personality and my history. With Rebecca’s guidance I felt safe to confront, explore, and learn to conquer the fear that has been present in my life for more than 35 years!


In September 2014, I was at my heaviest weight. I went to Four Truth Wellness and with Rebecca’s help through hypnosis I am happy to say I am well on my weight loss journey. I’m down thirty five pounds!! I go for regular “tune ups” and I have no doubts that I will reach my end goal of another twenty pounds and a healthy lifestyle.

Wendy v.

The level of kindness that Ms. Ridsdale has extended to me is far beyond my expectations. In an era where exceptional one-on-one client/practitioner collaboration and excellence has virtually disappeared from our fast-paced world, the work that Rebecca does should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate. I am grateful for my experience with Rebecca.

Rosie W.

I have a long history of suffering from acute social anxiety. I decided to try hypnosis without any prior knowledge of how it worked. To say that the experience has been transformative would be an understatement. I have recommended Four Truth Wellness to friends and family. It is a safe place to shed that which you no longer want or need.


Melissa B.

I met with Rebecca on a few occasions and found her to be very welcoming. Rebecca helped me understand the reasons why I was feeling the way I was and  worked with me to resolve the issues through discussion, hypnosis and setting goals.  I was unsure about hypnosis,  having never had it before, but would certainly advise anyone to try it. Thanks for helping me, Rebecca.


I came to Rebecca to learn how to let go, cultivate a deeper relationship with myself, and improve my self esteem – all very lofty goals. I felt safe to share my concerns and struggles because of Rebecca’s warm and welcoming persona. Rebecca is a knowledgeable professional and passionate about her work with hypnosis. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about hypnosis try it out with Rebecca!

Erin Campbell Academic Advisor, Liberal Studies. Faculty of Arts, University of Waterloo

I highly recommend Rebecca to help individuals understand the power of mindfulness and discover a work-life balance. She cares deeply for her clients, is a good listener and has a brevity and depth of knowledge that is wise beyond her years. I have patients that see Rebecca for weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety and stress and I have only had positive feedback from them.

Cecilia de Martino, ND Naturopathic Doctor in Kitchener-Waterloo

Having battled weight issues my entire life, the one thing I had not tried was hypnosis and guided meditation. I am a stress eater and the logic of addressing the stress with specific exercises and focus made sense. |Hypnosis is quite amazing, actually. My weight issues are still a challenge but now I have a new tool to use and it takes me to a positive place, not one of denial and hunger. Thanks Rebecca.

Sherrie S.

Rebecca is very knowledgeable and she has a very calming voice which makes her a very effective hypnotherapist. I come to her for stress management & she’s taught me techniques in self hypnosis to practice at home which are very powerful. I am making progress & finding my life more relaxed , joyous & fulfilling. Thank you , Rebecca.


The first time I met Rebecca I felt very comfortable with her. For years, I had sought assistance from various professionals but to no avail…until I met Rebecca. She attentively dissected the problem and we developed various strategies that I could implement at home. Just a few sessions with her has changed my life.

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