Imagine Positively Enhancing Your Life With Hypnosis!

 What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and enjoyable experience. Hypnosis facilitates accessing your subconcious mind which allows you to reconsider old ways of thinking. Although hypnosis feels like sleep, brain activity remains at waking levels. Hypnosis allows you to focus on the things that concern you, helps you to see clearly what action to take and helps you to achieve it. Not magic, but the effects are magical.
Why Hypnosis? Because Hypnosis Will Help You With:

*Weight management; Smoking Cessation; Anxiety; Stress & Pain Management

*Insomnia; Increased Libido; Panic Attacks; Writers Block; Exam Nerves 

*Memory Improvement; Clenching Teeth; Skin Irritation; Bladder Control

*Nail Biting; Skin Picking; Hair Pulling; Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*Fears & phobias like public speaking; spiders/snakes/dogs/birds; heights; flying; thunder/lightening; commitment; authority; confined/open spaces; driving, etc.

*Feelings of unhappiness with your family, friends and/or work relationships.

*Feelings of devastation by a betrayal and help with healing with or without your spouse, family member or friend.

*Attracting good people and making your relationships work in positive, loving and respectful ways.

*Feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress.

*The struggle resulting from low self-esteem and working on ways to improve the way you feel about yourself.

*Alone and isolated feelings and the ability to feel more connected.

*Healing from anger and sadness after a divorce or break-up.

*Healing from the grief of a specific loss such as a death, loss of career, divorce or just general sadness.

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