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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program!

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Free Yourself Now and Quit Smoking For Good with Hypnosis!

Hypnosis is the Most Effective Method for Smoking Cessation, Says Largest Study Ever: 3 Times as Effective as the Patch and 15 Times as Effective as Willpower.

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A meta-analysis, statistically combining results from more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe to compare various methods of quitting. On average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992. (Also New Scientist, October 10, 1992.)

How it works:  Hypnosis facilitates accessing your subconscious mind – helping you understand the emotional components attached to smoking. Hypnosis will get to the root of your smoking addiction reducing and ultimately eliminating the urge to smoke for life!

Just Imagine What Quitting Smoking Will Do For You:
  • Feeling healthier and energized – being able to jog up the stairs  (if you wanted to!) or run for a bus.
  • Living longer – Do you know its been proven that if you stop smoking NOW you may add an extra TEN years to your life?
  • Saving tons of money by no longer buying cigarettes and wondering what you will spend your new found wealth on.
  • Smell like a human being again and be able to get rid of all those stinky ash trays
  • You’ll be able to taste the real flavours of your favourite meal for maybe the first time in years!

Four Truth Wellness - Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


“Hi Rebecca, all is well and my problem is solved! The hypnosis solution worked beautifully – haven’t given a thought to returning to that nasty smoking habit. It was an easy solution and has given me great confidence! Thank you for sharing your gifts – you have made such a big difference in my life. I am humbled and grateful.
Loving Life. In Gratitude.”
Karen S., Kitchener, On

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