“In private practice since 2013. My experience will help you be the best you can be!”, Rebecca Ridsdale, CH RP

Unlock A Better You With Hypnosis!

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."

- Aristotle

Offering both online and in-person sessions to conquer stress, weight issues, smoking, and fears and more. Start your journey to confidence and happiness today!

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With over a decade of experience, Rebecca has empowered more than 3,500 individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Start your journey to enduring transformation with us today!

Liberate yourself from limiting habits with my guidance! Hypnosis serves as a powerful tool for rapid subconscious change. By instilling your unique wants, needs, and aspirations directly into your subconscious, you can accelerate your journey towards a fulfilling life. Why struggle alone when hypnosis can make the transformation easier?

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Popular hypnosis programs

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Discover how hypnosis can revolutionize your eating habits and boost your motivation, guiding you towards your optimal weight and a healthier lifestyle.

Kitchener Waterloo Hypnosis Four Truth Wellness Rebecca Ridsdale Stop Smoking

Achieve lasting freedom from smoking or vaping through our specialized Hypnosis Smoking Cessation program.

Kitchener Waterloo Hypnosis Four Truth Wellness Rebecca Ridsdale Stress Anxiety

Through hypnosis, you can effectively alleviate stress, anxiety, and worry, gaining a sense of calm and balance for a more fulfilling life.

Four Truth Wellness Hypnosis Kitchener Waterloo Sleep Insomnia

Discover the power of hypnosis to help you fall asleep more quickly and enjoy longer, more restful sleep. Overcome insomnia by tapping into the potential of your subconscious mind with our specialized programs.

Four Truth Wellness Hypnosis Kitchener Waterloo Online Past Life Regression

Unlock deeper self-awareness and a greater understanding of your life’s purpose through past life regression. Far from being a blank slate, you are a soul endowed with the wisdom and experiences accumulated over multiple lifetimes, both enriching and challenging. Exploring your past lives can be a transformative and healing experience.

Four Truth Wellness Hypnosis Kitchener Waterloo Confidence

You’re worthy of happiness and confidence. With the aid of hypnosis, empower yourself to realize the life you’ve always envisioned.

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Our hypnosis offerings should not be construed as medical treatment, psychotherapy, or professional psychological advice. While the optimal results described on this website, including client testimonials, showcase the potential benefits, individual outcomes can vary. Your results are influenced by factors such as your responsiveness to hypnosis, willingness to change, past experiences, and other variables beyond our control.

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