Hypnosis can help you with a huge range of issues.

Hypnosis For You

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss works by changing your way of thinking about food and eating. So instead of food and eating being an emotional solution, it becomes an appropriate solution to hunger, and new patterns of behaviour are developed that enable you to deal with emotions and life. Hypnosis works for weight loss because it enables you to separate food and eating from your emotional life. Hypnosis also helps with with motivation to excercise.

Kitchener Waterloo Hypnosis Four Truth Wellness Rebecca Ridsdale Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking

Hypnosis is a safe, easy, drug-free way of quitting smoking. And it works! Studies comparing hypnosis with nicotine replacement therapy shows that the hypnotized group had a higher success rate than the group still using nicotine. Why? Because smoking behaviour isn’t merely a chemical addiction – it stems from thoughts and beliefs deeply rooted in your subconscious. Hypnosis helps you get to the root of your desire to smoke and change it to a desire to become healthy empowered and free.

Kitchener Waterloo Hypnosis Four Truth Wellness Rebecca Ridsdale Stress Anxiety

Anxiety, Stress, Fears/Phobias

Research has shown that hypnosis is particularly beneficial in treating anxiety as well as the issues that people develop in response to their anxiety. These may include alleviating fears such as public speaking, flying, and test taking as well as phobias to needles, animals, or other anxiety-provoking stimuli. Generally, people become fearful of the stimuli, as well as their own somatic reaction to it. Our method works by altering the way one views the fear, as well as calming a person’s reaction to that fear.

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Hypnosis For Sleep

For people with insomnia, hypnosis may help to allow both the body and mind to relax and let go of the anxiety that not falling asleep can create. A sleepwalker, on the other hand, could learn through hypnotic suggestion to wake up when their feet hit the floor. Hypnosis may also increase the amount of time that you spend in slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) by as much as 80 percent. That’s key because deep sleep is important for memory and healing so you wake up feeling restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever been so absorbed in a television show or a book that time just seemed to fly by? Have you ever driven from one location to another and when you arrived at your destination, you couldn’t remember driving most (or all!) of the route? These are all examples of hypnotic states.

Simply put, hypnosis is a deep state of awareness, focused attention, and inner absorption. A hypnotic process happens anytime your attention is focused and possibilities for change are offered.

Serious psychiatric or mental health problems are referred to a qualified psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Medical problems with the physical body must always be treated by a physician, who can, at his or her discretion, prescribe hypnotherapy for pain control, hypnoanesthesia or relaxation.
Drug addiction, family dynamics disorders, clinical depression and other such problems need to be treated by doctors and psychiatrists, who can, at their discretion, prescribe hypnotherapy as a supplementary treatment.

This is what most people are afraid of. They are terrified that if they really submit to the relaxtion of hypnosis and go fully into a trance like state that they will no longer be in control of themselves and can be easily controlled by the person that is hypnotising them.  But be assured that you are still fully in control of yourself when you are hypnotised. You are still conscious, but your conscious mind is extremely relaxed.  No one can take control of you and make you do stupid things while you’re hypnotised unless you allow it.

Yes – all it takes is the desire and willingness. Anyone can be hypnotized, including children. It is the most natural state of being.

The higher your intelligence and the better your imagination – the better you will do. You will have the capacity to enter the trance more easily and efficiently. And coincidentally, intelligent people with a good imagination are the ones who tend to be attracted to hypnosis. It goes against much of the mainstream view that only mentally weak and stupid can be hypnotized. The truth is actually just the opposite.

Every person is unique and different. Some people say that their body feels like a lead weight, others say they feel as though they’re floating away. Most people will agree that it’s a lovely feeling because they are more relaxed that they have ever been before.

The number of sessions depends on the person and what is being treated. Stopping smoking normally only requires one to four sessions, as does dealing with a specific fear or phobia, whereas weight loss and helping you to manage stress and anxiety, for example, usually requires four or more sessions.

Every person is different, however, and you decide how often you want to see me. Some people have just one session, most have three or four and some people benefit from a regular monthly tune-up.

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